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The Guangdong Weiye Metal Sheet Co,. Ltd of the Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory Group, was founded in 2009 in the Famous Nonferrous Metal Town of China—Dali. The company invested huge money in precision carbon steel cold-rolling machines and its
ancillary equipments, such as one 1450mm continuous pickling line, one 1450mm slitting machine, one 1500mm AQC six-rod reversible cold-rolling machine, one 1450mm AQC eight-rod reversiable cold-rolling machine, one 98mm AQC four-rod reversible machine, one
1450mm AQC cleaning (de-fatting) machine, eight annealing machines, one 1450mm precision redress machine, one 98mm precision
redress machine, and precision grinding machines etc. We maily produce carbon steel sheet, premium carbon steel sheet for deep
pressing, thin sheet for tin plating, with annual capacity of over 300 thousand tons.

We produce quality and highly-precise products, which vary from 400mm-1250mm in width, 0.2mm-2.0mm in thickness, with
different hardness and surface treatment, strictly under the ISO9001 quality management system. Our products can be applied to
various realms of home appliances, kitchen wares, building decorations, water heating facilities (solar-powered or electrical), machinery components, ocean industry machines, paper-making, chemicals, fertilizer industry, food machines, electrics components, medical
machines. Furthermore, we have formed long-term and stable relationship with man domestic famous companies.

The rigid procedures and quality control cultivate the high quality image of the Weiye Metal Sheet, and with the continuous
compliment from the market, we will continue to pursue perfection in quality and technique. We meant to make your life more
comfortable, provide supreme products and complete service. Let’s, together with the customers, create a brilliant future.