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Quality Management System

  Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory Co., Ltd was established in Dali Town,Nanhai District, a famous
aluminium center in China, in 1992. Since its establishment, Weiye has adhered to the quality principle of
"Prosper Weiye with Technology, Build Brand with Quality". It conducts production management strictly in
accordance to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 systems. In 2009, it introduced the PEM. Over the past
two decades of development, Weiye has become one of the most reputated aluminium manufacturers at
home and abroad. In 2012, Weiye was rewarded as "China Top 20 Architectural Aluminium Enterprise", "China
Top 10 Industrial Aluminium Extrusion Enterprise".

During the period of strengthening quality management, Weiye actively promotes its quality management level through internal accumulation and social help. It has been awarded the international certificate ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System strictly follows the ISO9001 certificate standard, carries it out from
production to sales and improves quality according to clients' request, enhance providing satisfactory products to the market. Weiye has perfect testing equipments and relevant standards for the equipment management.

Providing satisfactory products to the market.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, Weiye established a test center, providing relevant physical
and chemical test to products, adopting the model of combining on-site inspection with test.In the workshop, QCs check the specifications, surface quality, thickness of coating, and hardness, and deliver samples to the test center to test the physical performance and layer performance of the profiles according the national testing
methods and standards, and write test reports. It manages to detect device under national standards and keeps ledgers for them, makes verification plans and maintenance plans and standard operation procedures. All kinds of test will be conducted by professional operators , so that product quality will be guaranteed. Main test
devices are Spectrometer , Electronic test machine, Salt spraying tester, Xenon lamp weathering test chamber,
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber, High and low temperature test chamber, frequency
measuring instrument, Projector, Bending tester, Chromatic meter, etc.

Devices and Procedures

Full automatic surface treatment equipment avoid the uinstability of manual operation. Meanwhile, the
test center, equipped with comprehensive test equipments such as metallographic microscope, spectrometer,
Xenon lamp weathering test chamber, low temperature test chamber, constant temperature test chamber,also
plays its role in quality monitoring. With superior detection capabilities, it controls its product surface coloring,
texture, gloss, film thickness and other indexes within the scope of national standards,laying the foundation of product quality and stability.

 Weiye’s Quality Control Flow Chart: